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Marimo Ball In Jar

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Marimo Ball

Although Marimo Balls are often called “Moss Balls” they are indeed not moss at all, but instead a freshwater algae! Their round shape is naturally occuring and comes from gently rolling on the bottom of freshwater lakes from waves, as they typically live at a depth of around 6-8 feet in lakes in Japan and Northern Europe. This round shape also helps them photosynthesize from all angles and rolling around helps to keep the Marimo clean from debris which also helps it continue to photosynthesize, despite being at a depth of water that receives such filtered light. 

Marimo Balls are capable of living a long life and growing quite large! The oldest Marimo’s in the world are over 200 years old and over 35’’ in diameter! Grown in your home with proper care, you could expect your Marimo to get to be 8’’-12’’ and live to be over 100! 

Size: 1’’-2.5’’ in diameter


The legend of the Marimo comes from Japanese folklore. Once there were two lovers who wanted nothing more than to be with one another. When their love was forbidden, they ran off together to live the rest of their lives in the dark, misunderstood woods. It is said that shortly after, these mysterious algae balls started showing up in the nearby lakes and that it must be their love - manifested into the form of a Marimo. It is because of this that the Marimo has been given as symbolic gifts to represent everlasting love - to yourself and others, and a serves as a remembrance of how love endures. 


Your Marimo Ball can live without being submerged in water for up to three days if kept moist. Your Marimo Ball Kit includes a glass jar with cork lid, and your Marimo Ball. Detailed instructions for care are located on our Journal.

Marimo Ball In Jar

Customer Reviews

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Kaylin A
Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Well-Priced

I've been looking for Marimo balls to bring into my classroom since they are so low-maintenance and don't require high levels of light. These were the perfect find and the jars were a beautiful final touch.

Jocelyn Cunningham
Marimo balls

I absolutely love them! They're a super cute addition to my bathroom and guests always ask about them. Definitely recommend!

Susan H

I've been wanting a Marimo ball for a long time, so when I saw them in stock, I pounced and bought two; one for me and one for my beloved sister. They are truly perfect in every way: vibrantly green, beautiful bottles, and arrived in no time at all. Thanks, P.A. for these precious little guys!

Fast shipping and super cute

First of all, I can't believe how fast this shipped! The jar is pretty small, so it doesn't take up too much room on my desk while giving me something nice to look at. I'd been wanting a marimo ball for a while, and love that this kit was affordable and cute.


I was given a Marimo mother & baby ball awhile ago as a birthday gift & I love them dearly. So it was a delight to see your Instagram come across my feed & jumped at getting 2 as gifts. They arrived very quickly considering it traveled a distance! Both the Marimo and jar are adorable & can’t wait to gift them!

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