• An Afternoon with Big Mountain Sagebrush

    An Afternoon with Big Mountain Sagebrush

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    Silvery moonlight and grey-green, this shrub bends with the wind and weather, showing its wear and resiliency in the rocky and sandy soils where it roots. 
  • Backyard Healing Balm

    Backyard Healing Balm

    This healing balm works with native plants and offers a new way for your garden to nourish your being! 
  • Tillandsia : Air Plant Care

    Tillandsia : Air Plant Care

    Air Plants or Tillandsia, are epiphytes and in nature, grow on trees or other “hosts”. Air plants are not parasites, but get all their nutrients from water, light, and nutrients in the air. They absorb these nutrients from small vessels in their leaves called trichomes. Air plants do not need (or want!) any soil. They are extremely versatile and in your home can be...
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